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Miguel Shows His Home Gym & Keto Fridge | Gym & Fridge Tour | Men’s Health


Miguel, a fitness enthusiast and Men’s Health ambassador, recently gave a tour of his home gym and keto fridge. In the video, he showcases his workout routine and eating habits.

Miguel’s Home Gym

Miguel’s home gym is fully equipped with a variety of weights, resistance bands, and cardio equipment such as a treadmill and stationary bike. He also has a boxing bag and gloves for his boxing workouts. Miguel emphasizes the importance of having a designated workout space and keeping it organized to stay motivated.

Miguel’s Keto Fridge

Miguel’s fridge is stocked with keto-friendly foods such as eggs, avocados, and grass-fed beef. He also has a variety of nuts and seeds for healthy snacking. Miguel explains how the keto diet has helped him maintain his physique and energy levels.


Miguel’s home gym and keto fridge serve as a great example for those looking to improve their fitness and eating habits. Having a designated workout space and a well-stocked, healthy fridge can help with motivation and consistency.

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